Christmas Cocktails – Espresso Martini

We’re going to look at the dark spirit our… Cofaidh Liqueur!

It is not gin.  It is a liqueur that you guys love!


It sells out at Gin events but its, not a Craft Gin. …. its rich velvety aroma is intense and we love making it and cocktails with it!


Now the word Cofaidh in Gaelic means coffee.  I really struggled to find a name for this product and pretty much had hours to decide what it was to be called.  Our cold-brew-coffee liqueur is a Scottish first and we were narrowly pipped to the post with it being the UK first.


Sumatra Coffee beans are roasted to the level of DARK & RICH.  Sheena & Jill then worked on a secret syrup formula to complement and balance the coffee profile.  We only source our beans from the lovely Anderson’s who own Cairngorm Leaf & Bean at Grantown to guarantee freshly roasted beans.

Let’s Talk Cocktails!

The classic Espresso Martini

A big favourite with our Distiller Jill and this works well with Avva Scottish Gin….even better with the Navy Strength.

BUT would you ever think to substitute the sugar syrup?  Remember that previous blog on Spiced Pear Fizz?

Check out that recipe for the details on Spiced Pear Syrup and use that instead of plain sugar syrup to then make a festive toned Espresso Martini.  Coffee syrups such as pumpkin or gingerbread or hazelnut also make great additions/substitutes for plain sugar syrup.

Sugar Syrup is made by taking equal quantities of water and sugar i.e. cup of water cup of sugar.

Simmer, cool & bottle.  Stored in the fridge it will keep for 7days. If you make it yourself you can make it to the quantity you need, and sweetness as well as infusing a variety of flavours.

The one that always surprises me is a basil infusion…

Try it you might surprise your tastebuds!



35ml Avva Scottish Gin
30ml of Freshly brewed coffee
15ml Cofaidh Liqueur
15ml Sugar Syrup
Coffee beans to garnish



Chill the freshly brewed coffee

In a cocktail shaker add ice, gin, chilled coffee, Cofaidh Liqueur and sugar syrup.

Shake well & strain/sieve into a chilled martini glass.


Top Tip: Swap simple syrup to the syrup from the Spiced Pear Fizz.

If you have a look at our Christmas shop you’ll see the Espresso Martini gift box.


This box is fantastic – packed with lots of cocktail options as well as normal serves.  You can have a G&T or a Coffee & Cola or grab that shaker and create Espresso Martini….. a jar with a secure lid works just as well as any shaker!

Included in the cocktail box is an orange liqueur which will allow you to make an easy 3-ingredient cocktail; Three C’s – Cofaidh, Cointreau, and Cola – no shaker required.  Take 10ml of the orange liqueur and include that with your Espresso Martini for an Orange Espresso Martini.

Last but not least is the:

Hot Chocca Mocca

Probably one of the most scrumptious winter warmers – add a good generous shot of Cofaidh Liqueur to the Hot Chocolate.  Just the perfect gift to warm up after the post-Christmas feast walk.

Espresso Martini

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