We Have Exciting News!

The planning application has been submitted!

At last, we can finally share the exciting news which has been worked on for the past few months – a new shed! The need for a larger building was clear in 2018 and whilst covid eased the pressure slightly it did not change the appetite or want or need for a shed with a lot more floor space and…….windows.

Those of you who have visited us know that our building is your average looking industrial unit from the outside and so many of you have kindly said how nice the interior looks – white paint & sterling board styling is what greets you as you enter the tasting tour area, well as our stunning still.

It has been a dream of our distiller to have a larger building for many years.  In the way you would perhaps dream about your perfect home……. our distiller would dream about more floor space, our still with its own room and windows! Well her dream might be about to come true!  A planning application was submitted to Moray Council recently for a new building at Elgin Business Park to house our production, retail and gin tasting tours.

We will continue to run Gin Tasting Tours from 10 Chanonry Road North from March to September.

Our events schedule is looking more like 2019 so a busy summer ahead.  We know that it is a long way to go before we move out of our existing building to the new site which will allow Jill to improve efficiencies in production and increase the visitor experience with additional distillery tour capacity and a dedicated retail area.
We’re not quite rushing out to select paint colours and seating etc although there is a high chance the paint will be white!  We are fully aware that planning takes time and during that time we’ll keep ourselves busy busy! And if we get any news worth sharing we will tell you first!


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