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Christmas Cocktails – Spiced Pear Fizz

It’s all about the Spiced Pear with our Festive Prep!


This is a huge Christmas favourite because of its versatility and multitasking which this recipe provides. 


Christmas Cocktails & more!


Make this syrup before guests arrive – to be honest, I would batch all cocktails before visitors arrive as it’s less faff giving you more time to chat & drink! BUT the secret to the festive feel is the Spiced Pear Syrup. This syrup can be used for giving a festive tone to your coffee, hot chocolate, and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, the infused Pears can be used for cheese boards with blue cheese & oatcakes, topping for cheesecakes and our favourite – Porridge toppers!

From just one Cocktail you have several elements of a great menu. Our local bakers in Macleans, Forres have perfect cocktail-size oatcakes (available from our Distillery Shop) which I would add some Scottish blue cheese and finish with a sliver of the infused pear.  We also top a plain cheesecake with slices of pear with a…

Sprinkle of edible gold leaf!


Spiced Pear Syrup – water, sugar, star anise, cardamom pod and a tin of pears.  I leave the pears as halves or quarters because I’ll cut to suit the end-use.  Put all your ingredients in a pan and take to simmering heat for 5 mins until the sugar is fully dissolved.  Sieve the liquid into a clean-empty glass bottle, allow to cool and store in the fridge.  Put the pears in a lidded container and again store them in the fridge.  Both can be stored for 7-10days. Add a spoon of syrup to your morning coffee, you’ll skip out that door like a proper elf! 

Spiced Pear Fizz – Enjoy! 


Spiced Pear Fizz



Our distillery shop is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11-4.

Eastgate shopping centre in Inverness opens 17th November – 23 December in the upper atrium.




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Final Posting Date For Christmas - 21st December