Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our founder and distiller Jill Brown started Avva Scottish Gin in 2016, Jill originally started with the brand Berry Good Liqueurs, then moved onto distilling Gin, Berry Good Liqueurs is now a part of the Avva product range.

Avva Scottish Gin is situated in Elgin. Our brand and logo have many ties to this historic location. If you look at our logo you will be able to see the rose window from the Elgin Cathedral.

Our physical location is 10 Chanonry Road North Elgin; however, we are excited to announce plans to relocate to a new premises at Elgin Business Park.

The best way to describe our pronunciation is to think ‘I’ll have-a-gin, I’ll ‘ave another, I’ll ‘ava-a-double’.  Drop the H from have and add an A at the end and you have “aa-vah”.

Avva means respected grandmother or elder women in the Indian language of Dravidian. The reason this name was chosen is our Scottish made still has been named after Jill’s two grandmothers Jessie and Jean. Our brand prides itself in history, provenance and family, the name Avva was the perfect fit.

Yes, we own & operate on the UK’s first Scottish made gin still which is a bespoke 250l copper still with botanical basket. All our products are distilled, infused, and bottled on-site by hand in small batches.

It has always been a key brand value that products are produced with authenticity, truthfully, and honestly.

All our gins and liqueurs are distilled, infused, and bottled onsite under one roof. In our distillation process, we use a blend of traditional and regional botanicals.

Our regional botanicals are sourced from Highland & Speyside through a network of family, friends, famous crafters, and gardens.

Our products can be purchased at our distillery shop, on our website, at our events, and from our stockists.

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