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Our Process

We love making gin so much we want to share our process with you!

Load Sketch

Charge & Load

The still is charged with ethanol & Speyside water and our botanical recipe is loaded to the vapour basket chamber.


This part takes time and patience, the still heats the liquid to a vapour, which meanders through to the vapour basket collecting the essence of the secret botanical recipe then onto the condensing tower where it is transformed back to a liquid

This liquid is our base spirit.

Distill sketch
Avva Scottish Gin - Watercolour Heart


In Gin distilling we have an output of ‘Heads, Hearts & Tails’ – we only use the heart in our Avva range of gins. 

Our ‘Heads & Tails’ will either go back to the charge or into our liqueurs.


The final step is to cut to bottling strength in a mixing tank. 

This give us a London Dry Gin, which is what we do with our Avva Scottish Gin & Navy Strength Gin.  However, some Gins require an additional process of maceration or infusion which varies from a few hours to several months

We bottle both by hand and through our bottling machines

All our products are bottled and labelled onsite

Avva Bottle Process
Avva Santa Sleigh

Final Posting Date For Christmas - 21st December