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Our Story

Located in the old Cathedral City of Elgin and the famous distilling region of Speyside, Avva Scottish Gin is lovingly handcrafted in Jessie-Jean our bespoke copper still.  The name Avva means a respected grandmother or elder women in the Indian language of Dravidian and therefore fitting that the still is named after our distillers two grandmothers.  

Moray Distillery Ltd launched Avva Scottish Gin in October 2016 and have gone onto produce an award winning portfolio of spirits.  Product inspiration is drawn from regional influences from label designs to ingredients.  

Authenticity is a key value of the Distillery which prides itself in distilling, infusing and bottling on-site.  Artisan small batch craft gin, distilled slowly with a selected mix of Highland and Speyside botanicals.  

History, provenance and family are behind everything we do.  To find out more why not book a tour with us, we love to share our story!

Avva made with heart, in the heart of Speyside. 

A Scottish Still for a Scottish Gin

Our bespoke copper still was commissioned and made locally in Elgin by highly skilled craftsmen* who carefully shaped copper sheets into a traditional 250 litre copper still.  This makes our micro-distillery one of the smallest in the region. 


With some of the world’s finest malt whisky crafted in Speyside and where some of the world’s best copper-smiths still make those stills.  It is quite rare for stills to be made so close to their final installation site Hand-made and hand delivered by Derek & his team at Speyside Copper Works.  


Within the craft sector, the majority of distillers have named their still and Moray Distillery Ltd are no exception.   Our little still has been christened after the owner’s grandmothers, Jessie-Jean, J-J (Jessie Sutherland Brown and Jean Bannerman Waters).  


Although small, J-J slowly works her magic with the elements of copper and specially selected botanicals to carefully and lovingly produce the base spirit from which we collect the run known as the ‘heart’ to make our Avva Scottish Gin.

(*Speyside Copper Works, Elgin & LH Stainless, Keith)