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Cofaidh & Hot Chocolate - Large Cocktail Box


3 in stock

One of our favourite winter warmers. Create a hot chocolate then add a generous shot of Cofaidh Liqueur for a delicious boozy Hot Chocca Mocha. To create a Chocolate Orange Hot Mocha add both Cofaidh & Cointreau Liqueurs to the hot chocolate mix. OR if you want a normal Gin & Tonic this is also included.



Our perfectly curated cocktail box has all the ingredients to enjoy the following cocktails and mixes:

Gin & Tonic
Cofaidh & Cola
Hot Chocca Mocha
Chocolate-Orange Hot Mocha

This is an amazing wee cocktail box with a wide range of cocktails and mixes.   Includes cocktail cards with step-by-step instructions to make and shake fabulous cocktails!

50cl Cofaidh
50cl Avva
Chocca Mocha
1 x Cointreau




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