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AVVA Blink Scottish Gin with Choice of Mixers



Blink N Magic Serve


This is our colour changing gin. It will arrive to you as blue gin but once you serve this, in a blink of an eye it shall transform to purple-pink G&T.

I know this sounds like something from Harry Potter! But it makes everyone smile with its magical colour change.

A 12th botanical, Butterfly Pea Flower is macerated in our base spirit to create  a wonderful blue colour gin.  Yes you read correctly a blue gin – similar to the colour of sky in Speyside.

Deep Blue gin is change to pinky-purple when you add tonic or citrus garnish!

We have kept this magical gin a true classic juniper forward gin with a cheeky secret – we love it and so do our customers!

Perfect Serve:

30ml- 40ml of Blink Scottish Gin with 1/2 a bottle of mixer with a garnish of orange peel (add this after mixer)

We have chosen the following:

Indian Tonic Water OR,

Mallorcan, OR

Pineapple & Almond Mixer OR

A combination of above  4 Pineapple 2/2 ITW/MTW

Adding anything with citrus acid will start the colour change so make sure garnish is the final addition.

Additional information


Mallorcan Tonic, Pineapple & Almond, Indian Tonic, Mallorcan Tonic, Tonic, Tonic, Pineapple & Almond Mixer


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