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Cask Finish AVVA Scottish Gin with Mixers



Ensuring the perfect serve for our very special Cask Finish Gin in one delivery.


limited-edition gin which we mature around 180 (70cl) bottles per annum.  This is a unique and very special spirit to our collection.

We launched our first cask launched in 2016 at the Speyside Whisky Festival in September and it sold out.  We sparked the interest of both whisky connoisseurs and those learning more about how cask maturation influences a spirit.  We are the only gin distillery in Speyside to produce a Cask Finish Gin. 

We live and work in a region that is world-renowned for whisky production.  Taking traditional inspiration from our whisky-distilling-neighbours, we selected Heaven Hill Bourbon Casks from Speyside Cooperage, Craigellachie to mature our base spirit for 6 months.

This set is perfect to ensure you have the paired mixers in one delivery.  We have given you a few options:

Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic Water – 10x 200ml

Franklin & Sons Ginger Ale – 10x 200ml

A combination of both Indian Tonic Water & Ginger Ale – 5/5 x 200ml

You only need a slight splash of mixer,

Garnish: Orange Peel or Slice of Green Apple

Each of these mixers bring out very different tones and flavours which are a combination of the gin base and cask maturation.

Cask: Bourbon
Maturation: 6 months
Cask 4 is now sold out – next Cask 5 will be available late Spring 2022.

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Ginger Ale & Tonic, Indian Tonic, Ginger Ale


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