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AVVA Pink Scottish Gin - 40%


Pink Scottish Gin – the Fruity Blushing one! We offer our Craft Pink Scottish Gin in 50cl and our miniature Gin in 5cl.

Avva Scottish Gin - Awards
Avva Scottish Gin - Awards


A fruity combination of Scottish Strawberries & Raspberries (from our favourite suppliers at Wester Hardmuir Farm, Nairn) and our traditional Avva Scottish Gin.

The heart of our base spirit is macerated with Scottish fruit to create a subtle change to the flavour profile and a blushing-pink gin.  The classic tones of juniper make way to the juicy plump fruit of Raspberry and a hint of creaminess from Strawberry.

Perfect Serve suggestions for our Craft Pin Scottish Gin:

Perfect Serve:
We like this with Pomegranate & Hibiscus soda OR Walter Gregor Raspberry Lemonade.

Garnish: soft fruit

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50cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a Pink Gin?

A Pink Gin is a gin that is usually distilled in the same way as other gins, then in the post distillation, other ingredients are added to give the gin its pink colour.

How is Pink Gin made?

Our Pink Scottish Craft Gin is macerated post-distillation with a combination of strawberries and raspberries creating a gin with classic tones of juniper, juicy plump raspberries, and a hint of creaminess from the strawberries.

What mixers work best with Pink Gin?

The suggested mixers that you can enjoy with our Pink Scottish Craft Gin would be our Pomegranate & Hibiscus Soda or Walter Gregor Raspberry Lemonade.

How strong is our Pink Gin?

As our Avva Scottish Gin is a craft gin the ABV would be higher in our Pink Gin sitting at 40% ABV, with this being higher than most standard gins this improves the overall taste of the gin as it intensifies the botanicals.


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