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Avva Scottish Gin


Our original award-winning Avva Scottish Gin , distilled slowly with 11 botanicals distilled in our bespoke copper still Jessie-Jean. Our Craft Scottish Gin is available in 70cl, 50cl and 20cl, as well as our miniature gin 5cl.


Avva Scottish Gin - Awards
Avva Scottish Gin - Awards


Our original award winning Avva Scottish Gin slowly distilled with 11 botanicals in our bespoke copper still Jessie-Jean.

Avva is a classic London dry gin, juniper forward with an even balanced citrus middle note and a clean moorish mint finish.

Regional botanicals of mint, rowan, dandelion, nettle and red clover join the classic recipe of juniper, coriander seed, citrus peels and angelica root.

Our still uses a vapour basket to extract the oils into the spirit creating a light easy drinking classic London Dry gin.

Perfect Serve suggestions for our Craft Gin:

Serve with premium tonic (we have pairings available in our Gin & Tonic sets)

Traditional Serve – Garnish with a slice of Lime. (Jill’s choice)

Modern serve – Garnish with a slice of Red Apple. (Sheena’s choice)

Sipping Gin: Straight up, over ice

IWSC Silver Medal (94points) 2020

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price, 70cl, 50cl, 20cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Scottish Gin?

Scottish Gin could be defined as gin distilled in a still with the distillery being based in Scotland using some of the regional botanicals to make the Scottish Gin. There are many smoke and mirrors in the gin sector as to how and where gin is made and distilled. Many brands will operate with no equipment and operate on pure contract supply.

Here at Avva Scottish Gin we distil and bottle on-site by hand in small batches. We feel that this is in an authentic, true, and honest production. Distilling in the heart of Speyside on the UK’s first Scottish Gin Still. Our still was hand-crafted by the talented Speyside Copperworks in Elgin. All our gins and gin liqueurs are distilled, infused, and bottled onsite under one roof. In our distillation process, we use a blend of traditional and regional botanicals. Our regional botanicals are sourced from Highland & Speyside through a network of family, friends, famous crafters, and gardens.

How is our Scottish Gin made?

We distil (also known as rectification) on our bespoke copper still Jessie-Jean using a vapour basket to extract the oils of the botanicals that we use in our craft gin. The vapour is packed with regional botanicals of mint, rowan, dandelion, nettle, and red clover join the classic recipe of juniper, coriander seed, citrus peels, and angelica root. Once the oils are extracted into the spirit by alcohol vapours passing through the chamber where the basket is sealed delivering distillation. This creates a light and easy-drinking classic London Dry gin.

What is a London dry gin?

A London dry gin is a gin that has been infused with botanicals with the predominant flavour being of juniper. After the distillation there must be no artificial ingredients, no colouring or flavours added to the gin, only the cutting of the alcohol strength can be done post-distillation. A minimum of 37.5 ABV is required to make a classic London Dry Gin.

What is Single-shot?

As we are situated in Speyside, the famous distilling region, Single-shot is used as our still has been designed for the distilling style in our area, we distil single shot, this means that once the spirit has distilled through the vapour basket with the botanicals the resulting spirit is diluted with water to get the required alcoholic strength for bottling.

What mixers work best with our Avva Scottish Gin?

There are a few tonics that you can enjoy with our craft gin, these include our Indian Tonic, Light Tonic or Mallorcan Tonic.

What garnishes work with our Avva Scottish Gin?

We have two garnishes that we suggest having with our craft gin. Our distiller Jill prefers a slice of lime, and her mother Sheena prefers to garnish her gin with a slice of red apple.

How strong is our Avva Scottish Gin?

A minimum of 37.5 ABV is required to make a classic London Dry Gin. As our Avva Scottish Gin is a craft gin the ABV is higher sitting at 43% ABV, with this being higher than most standard gins this improves the overall taste of the gin as it intensifies the botanicals.

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  1. Lesley Wood (verified owner)

    Love this gin, such a smooth taste. Love the bottle and design as much! Gorgeous product.

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