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Navy Strength AVVA Scottish Gin - 57.2%


Our GOLD medal-winning Navy Strength Gin. Our Craft Navy Strength Scottish Gin is available in 70cl, 50cl and 20cl, as well as our miniature gin 5cl.

Avva Scottish Gin - Awards
Avva Scottish Gin - Awards


Navy Strength Gin must sit at a minimum of 57% and our master distiller likes the number 2 so our Navy Strength is cut to 57.2% abv.

Despite the higher ABV%, the palate on this gin is creamier than our original and again an exceptionally smooth gin.

We keep to the same distilling principals of distilling slowly to ensure the maximum release of oils from our botanical vapour basket.

Our Navy Strength Gin is extremely versatile for classic Gin & Tonics, Cocktails or Sipping style gin.

Perfect Serve suggestions for our Craft Navy Strength Scottish Gin:

We prefer to serve this with a citrus tonic such as Mallorcan or Pink Grapefruit tonic

Garnish with a slice of orange or orange peel.

Sipping Gin – over ice with orange peel.

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70cl, 50cl, 20cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Navy Strength Gin?

Navy Strength Gin comes from back in the day when officers on the ships were paid in alcohol. For the gin to be of good quality, the alcohol percentage would have to be at an abv of 57% or over, as there was no way to test the alcohol content they would test it on gun powder, if the gun power would light then it meant it was a good quality strength gin. This was also beneficial as if the navy strength gin ever spilt in the ship the gun powder would still be able to be used.

Our own Avva Navy gin is at 57.2% ABV, this is because our distiller’s favourite number is number 2.

What garnishes work with our Navy Strength Gin?

To garnish our Navy Strength Gin, we recommend using a slice of orange or orange peel.

How Strong is Navy Strength Gin?  

To be classified as Navy Strength Gin, the Navy Strength Gin must sit at a minimum of 57% ABV. Our own Avva Navy Strength Gin sits slightly higher at 57.2% ABV.

What mixers work best with Navy Strength Gin

Mixers that would go well with our Navy Strength Gin would be our Mallorcan or Pink Grapefruit tonic.

1 review for Navy Strength AVVA Scottish Gin – 57.2%

  1. Lesley Wood (verified owner)

    This navy strength gin is excellent! I highly recommend this.

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