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Cofaidh Cold Brew Liqueur


Scotland’s First Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur – Cofaidh (gaelic for coffee)


Scotland’s First Cold Brew Coffee LiqueurCofaidh (gaelic for coffee)

Small batch infused with fresh locally roasted beans from Cairngorm Leaf & Bean.  We use a dark, rich roast with a Sumatra bean by Cairngorm Leaf & Bean

Serving suggestions:

  • straight over ice with a slice of orange
  • with Cointreau (10ml) and Cola (to make a chocolate orange cocktail)
  • in an Espresso Martini
  • over ice-cream affogato style
  • add to hot chocolate for a spirited Hot Mocha

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50cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does Cofaidh mean?

Cofadih is Gaelic for Coffee.

What is a Liqueur?

A liqueur is a spirit that has been macerated with ingredients and syrup to make a sweeter-lower abv% drink. Gin & vodka must have a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% abv, anything lower is normally classified as liqueurs or Ready-To-Drink for example.

How is our Cofaidh Cold Brew Liqueur made?

A neutral base spirit is cut to 40% before macerating freshly roasted beans from Cairngorm Leaf & Bean.  We have worked with CLB from the very start of our production of this liqueur.  Steve roasts to a dark, rich finish Sumatra coffee beans.  We add a secret syrup recipe that enhances the flavour profile of the coffee beans.

How strong is our Cofaidh Cold Brew Liqueur?

The ABV is around 24% because we create small batches to ensure the best flavour is present but as these are small batches the abv will vary on each run.

Where does the Coffee come from?

Our coffee is locally sourced from the cairngorm leaf and bean company.

What mixers work best with our Cofaidh Cold Brew Liqueur?

Cola, we particularly like Alba Cola.

What Cocktails can be made with Coffee Liqueur?

Espresso Martini, Three C, over Ice cream, Hot Mocha, Turbo G&T.

1 review for Cofaidh Cold Brew Liqueur

  1. Gill

    Love coffee so when I tasted it I wasn’t disappointed. It is different to a normal coffee liquer and would say it is a must. Smooth, strong and bold. Plus we get to support local so what’s not to like.

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