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Limoncello – the Italian way!


We use a traditional Italian recipe to create our Limoncello, as recommended by real Italians!

Tradition is to serve chilled.  Current Batch 32% abv

This makes a super addition to elderflower cordial, fizz or prosecco.

Great drizzled over ice-cream and makes the best topping for Lemon drizzle cake.

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50cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Limoncello?

Limoncello is an Italian liqueur made with lemons peels (we use zest) and sugar.

What is a Liqueur?

A liqueur is a spirit that has been macerated with ingredients and syrup to make a sweeter-lower abv% drink. Gin & vodka must have a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% abv, anything lower can be classified as liqueurs or Ready-To-Drink for example.

How is our Limoncello made?

A neutral base spirit is cut to 40% before macerating and infusing lemon zest.  We work with a family importer based in the UK who sources and processes lemons from Italy and Spain to allow year-round supply and the best zest from when each country is in season.

How strong is our Limoncello?

The ABV is around 24% because we create small batches to ensure the best flavour is present but as these are small batches the abv will vary on each run.

Where does the Lemon Zest come from?

As this is an Italian liqueur, we source our lemon zest from Italy and Spain.

What mixers work best with our Limoncello?

Traditionally Limoncello is served ice-cold-straight. Drizzled over ice cream. We also like an elderflower soda or wine as a mixer with Limoncello.

What Cocktails can be made with Limoncello?

White Lady, Italian 65.

1 review for Limoncello

  1. James Macpherson

    Received a bottle as a gift it was very smooth and morish to drink and friends who were lucky enough to share this with us were of the same opinion.
    Will be buying more to give as gifts

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