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Raspberry Gin Liqueur


We offer our Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur in 50cl and a miniature Gin Liqueur in 5cl.


One of our original and most popular liqueurs.  Our award winning gin is macerated with local Scottish Raspberries.

All of our liqueurs are produced in small batches to allow maximum flavours to be released from the fruit.

We use absolutely nothing artificial – just fantastic Scottish Fruit.

The majority of our supply comes from the local fruit farm at Wester Hardmuir, Nairn.  We highly recommend a visit to their farm shop and PYO during their season.

Serve with sparkling apple juice, classic cloudy lemonade or chilled over ice.

Cocktails are made easy by adding a splash of Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur to chilled prosecco.

Our Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur can also be used in gin cocktails such as Bramble, making it a Ramble!

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50cl, 5cl


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a Liqueur?

A liqueur is a spirit that has been macerated with ingredients and syrup to make a sweeter-lower abv% drink. Gin & vodka must have a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% abv, anything lower can be classified as liqueurs or Ready-To-Drink for example.

How is our Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur made?

We start with our base gin which has been cut to 37.5% to 40% before infusing with whole fruit, this process is sometimes referred to as maceration. We have always used real, whole fruit as much of the flavour is held in the skin of the fruit and an in-house sugar syrup recipe. It takes longer to make but a richer flavour is evident with the natural colour and taste of the liqueur.

How strong is our Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur?

The abv varies on each batch because it depends on how much juice is released from the fruit. The process is the same, but our alcohol content will vary per batch. In the decade Jill & Sheena have been making the liqueurs batches will range from 22% to 29%.

Where do the Raspberries come from?

We use local Scottish Raspberries from the local fruit farm at Wester Hardmuir, Nairn.

What mixers work best with our Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur?

Try using fruit juice such as apple or cranberry juice, sparkling apple juice, classic cloudy lemonade, or cola. The combination of Raspberry & cola produces a cherry-ade style serve. Also works well over ice cream.

What cocktails can be made with Raspberry Craft Gin Liqueur?

Ramble, Bramble, Berry Bubbles.


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