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Forgotten Cask

Last Few Bottles Available

Limited Edition

A very limited production of 50 bottles beautifully presented in its own numbered wooden presentation box.

With a magnificently rich and warm aroma, this is followed though on the palate with tones of sweet vanilla, honey and a slight spice and of course our classic juniper, it is truly one of a kind.

This gin is special,

This gin is exceptional,

This gin is rare,

This gin is,

The Forgotten Cask

The Forgotten Cask

Aged for over 30 months in a Heaven Hill Bourbon Cask, bottled at 65% abv in a beautiful decanter style bottle.  This discovery was made in October 2021 and the gin had been unintentionally matured and forgotten about during the previous 18 months of upheaval.

Initially, the gin had been put into the cask in February 2019 and the majority had been disgorged and bottled for Cask 4 in September 2019.  The distiller’s intention was to decant the rest after Christmas….. then renovations started on-site for the creation of Tasting Tours …..followed by the world-lockdown of the pandemic.  Resulting in the ‘wee bit’ which had simply been forgotten about.

With the Tasting Tours finally opening in June 2021, the Cask Gin proved to be a popular choice and as a result Cask 4 sold out… it was time to refill the Casks.  This was when the discovery was made.  A friend of the distillery, Gordon offered to tighten the metal bands on the cask ready for refill.  On lifting one of the casks, he knew from the weight there was something inside…. a wee bit more than a wee bit was found languishing in the cask.  From February 2019 to October 2021….. what a rare time it has had!


It will be rare indeed as there are only 50 bottles available.  The tasting profile is rich, warm, vanilla, honey with a slight spice-caramel finish.

This is a gin like no other.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a limited edition, numbered bottled with a matching numbered presentation case. 


"Its more than a little bit.."

The Tale Of The Forgotten Cask

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